First Friday Mass
Mass offered for the CCS intentions at St. Charles Church 4500 Ackerman Blvd in Kettering. Socialize after Mass at Panera Bread at T&C.

Memorial Mass at the Glenn at St. Joseph
Many members honor mothers on Mothers Day by donating the cost of a layette.  Honorees’ names are read at the Memorial Mass.  These Layettes  are provided to new mothers through 8 social service agencies in the Dayton area. 

Donations in Honor of or Memorials
Donations are accepted at any time during the year.  Send donations to:  POB 292058, Dayton OH 45429.  Include the donor and recipient information.  Cards of congratulations or condolence will be sent by the Corr. Secretary when requested.  The check will be sent to the Treasurer.  Notify the President if you need a letter for tax reasons.​

Prayer Requests
Members may ask for prayers for a special intention.  Prayer requests should be sent to the President.

Prayer Shawls
CCS makes prayer shawls for those in need of wrap around prayers.