What's New at DECA
With all that is going on about schools and who is opening-who is not , I thought you might be interested in what DECA is doing.

DECA is offering the option of complete visual learning if the family does not feel safe sending their child to school.  If the family wants their child to go to school, DECA will have two groups of students.

One group will attend school on Monday and Tuesday and do virtual learning the other three days.  The other group will attend school on Thursday and Friday and do virtual learning the first three days.  This is to accommodate social distancing.  They have also hired more nurses and more custodians and will check the temperature of each student daily as they enter.  No parents or volunteers can enter the school unless approved.  Students will not share supplies, books, etc.

This is a glimpse into the new normal school days at DECA. 
They are hoping to use volunteers for some virtual learning and book clubs, but haven't formulated anything yet.

School Supplies for DECA PREP
With all the special things that must be done this year due to COVID 19, DECA Prep really has a need for supplies.   School supplies cannot be shared so each child will need their own supplies.  If anyone is interested in donating school supplies, I will collect them and bring them to the school.  Now is the best time to buy supplies, since they have many sales.  I will be at the St. Charles parking lot on Tuesday August 18th from 10-11 and at St. Henry parking lot that same day from 11:15-12:15 to collect items.  If this is not convenient, call me and I can arrange a pick-up.  If you would rather not shop, I can do it for you.  Contact me at 937-728-7304 or grannyannie@woh.rr.com   Here is the list of their needs:  

We are going to need extra student supplies this year, so these would be awesome...

Crayola crayons
Markers - skinny or fat works!
kids' scissors
personal pencil sharpeners
Crayola colored pencils
glue sticks
glue bottles
art boxes

Bagged Lunches for St. Vincent de Paul Hotel

‚ÄčThe next two dates are: Tuesday, August  11, and Tuesday, September 15.

 The sack lunch requirements are:  
One healthy meat sandwich: 2 ounces of meat on bread without condiments 
A drink: small bottled water or juice box
Two snacks: a salty snack and a sweet snack or piece of fruit
To complete the meal: fruit cups, apple sauce cups or individual bags of chips
If you feel that a plastic spoon would be useful, please add to you sack

Date:  Every bag must be dated with the date it was prepared and also stating what meat was provided; e.g. ham, turkey, etc. If using wheat bread please note that on the bag too.  the bags are refrigerated for a period of time so items like bananas and peanut butter and jelly are not recommended.

 We are asking for 10 lunches from those wanting to participate.  If you would like to participate in the sack lunch program, contact Ruth Kibler at  ruth.kibler@sbcglobal.net.   

Ruth and Kathy Farrey will be in the ST. Charles parking lot between 10:30 - 11:00 on both Tuesday, August 11 and Tuesday, September 15 and then deliver them to the SVDP shelter where they will be taken to the motels.

If you have any questions please feel free to call Ruth at  937-429-0174.