Chairs:   Mary Ann Hemmert, Vouchers for school uniforms
               Chris Summers, Vouchers for coats and shoes

CCS vouchers for new coats, shoes, and school uniforms are distributed to children in need through Dayton-area social service agencies and schools.  Funding for this project comes from the Red Wagon luncheon, Clothe-a-Child banks, & grants. 

DECA- Dayton Early College Academy
Chair:  Anne Mahoney
This non-traditional charter school offers  volunteer opportunities including leading book groups, editing papers, serving as panelists for performance assessment and helping with school events.

DECA Preparation
Deca Prep, housed in the former Corpus Christi School, offers classes for K-6. Volunteers work 1 hour or more as “Bucket Buddies” with children one on one, seeing 1-3 children for an hour.  Teachers fill a bucket with activities to use that continue to develop reading, writing, and math skills.

Erma’s House
Chair: Barbara Boose   
Erma’s house, a family visitation center, provides a safe place for children to visit their non-
custodial parent and a place to exchange children without parents interacting with one another.  

The Glen at St. Joseph
Chair: Cyndi Platt
This residential facility offers low income single mothers a safe place while they work to  
better their own and their children’s lives. Volunteers can work in the child care center,
organize donated items in their “Glen Mart”, work the vegetable garden or help at  various events. 

Infant Grieving Gowns
Chair:  Sue Fisher 
CCS ladies embroider tiny robes to be given to parents of infants who die at birth. 

Chair: Nancy Adkins
Twice a year, CCS distributes basic necessities - such as blankets and clothes, to underprivileged newborn babies. Over 1500 layettes will be  distributed this year through eight area social service agencies. 

Maria Joseph Living Care Center
Chair: Norma McCloskey 
CCS ladies host a tea each September in this retirement home.  In addition, volunteers  
make monthly visits for craft programs or bingo and provide home-made desserts
or fruit the third Wednesday of the month for assisted-living residents.
10:00 – 11:15 am.  Training is “on the job.”  Children and grandchildren welcome! 

Oak Tree Corner
Chair: Sue Fisher
 A group setting offers an opportunity for children who have recently experienced a
 death in their family to move through the   healing process. Christ Child members
 provide a pizza  dinner  once a month with pop, fresh vegetables and cookies  before the  session. 

St. Vincent de Paul
Chair: Kate Anacker
Volunteers help to serve dinner to the St. Vincent de Paul Gateway Shelter for
Women and Families and donate items at our general membership meetings.