Ways We Serve:


Vouchers are provided to area social service agencies and local schools.  These vouchers can be used to purchase school uniforms, coats and/or shoes for children in need.


The Dayton Early College Academy (DECA) is a non-traditional charter school focused on preparing first-generation, urban students to attend college.  CCS volunteers assist DECA students as they navigate this journey by being mentors, leading book clubs and wherever else there is a need.

Erma's House

Erma's House supports children and their families who have been separated by unfortunate circumstances.  CCS volunteers oversee the visitation of the child with their non-custodial parent, thus creating a safe environment.

Infant Grieving

CCS members hand sew candles on small white robes that are given to parents of stillborn babies or to parents who have lost a child shortly after birth.


Layettes are the one project all CCS chapters provide.  CSS members assemble literature and starter baby items.  The Dayton Chapter distributes over 1000 layettes each year.